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ComWorth Flagship Brand of Products – SwiftWing SIRIUS

In 2003, ComWorth started to design and build its own product, SwiftWing SIRIUS, a deep packet capture & storage appliance.

This has since evolved to an ultra performance packet capture device, employing the latest packet capture hardware and technology. With our in-house design applications, the SwiftWing SIRIUS can integrate seamlessly into most monitoring and analytic solutions.

SwiftWing SIRIUS is built and made in Japan. It is designed to meet today and future demands for high speed and high performance deep packet capture and storage for data monitoring, diagnostic and troubleshooting.

Customized Solutions

Apart from system integrations and professional consultation services, ComWorth also provides customized solutions to optimize customers’ network performances.

About Us

ComWorth is an established solution provider with over 50 years of extensive experience serving customers from various industries such as telecommunications, enterprises, financial institutions, education, research and development organizations and government agencies.

ComWorth Co., Ltd., originally called Sankei Shoji Co., was incorporated in Tokyo Japan in 1965. It began as a manufacturer of diverse factory engineering equipment and accessories. Sankei Shoji was renamed ComWorth Co., Ltd. in 2001 and its business evolves to include test and measurements equipment for both telephony, data networking, network hubs, switches and media connectivity products.

Our Partners

To meet the ever-changing business requirements, ComWorth expands its businesses by partnering with leading industry brands to offer testing instrumentation equipment, emulator solutions, network connectivity solutions, switches, security and smart card solutions. ComWorth is the distributor and reseller of more than 20 industry-renowned brands which forms the eco system in network testing, monitoring, security, network connectivity, performance management solution, data capture, monitoring and analytic solution.

Our Coverage

ComWorth Europe was set-up in 2014  to lead ComWorth businesses into Europe, with ComWorth Tokyo office as its corporate headquarter.

ComWorth Co., Ltd.
(Corporate Headquarter)
2-35-7, Nishi Magome, Ohta-ku,
Tokyo, 143-0026, Japan.
+81 3 3777 0888
+81 3 3772 8497
ComWorth Europe GmbH
Gutenbergstraße 5
D-65830 Kriftel
+49 6192 922 422 6
+49 6192 922 422 8
ComWorth Solutions Pte. Ltd.
81, Ubi Avenue 4, #06-02
UB ONE, Singapore 408830
+65 6748 2260
+65 6909 5198