SwiftWing SIRIUS Line-rate Capture Storage Systems

SwiftWing SIRIUS Line-rate Capture Storage Systems

SwiftWing Network Monitoring & Capturing Network Capture & Data Storage



100G network adapter support

The dual port capture interface offers 2x100GbE network connectivity and line rate capture with zero packet loss and hardware packet processing. Multiple link speeds in the same interface, including 10/25/40/100 GbE are supported. There is also an cost optimised option to configure SIRIUS as 8x10GbE*, 2x40GbE, 2x25GbE and 2x100GbE.



Flexible 1G/10G ports multi-rate interchange

The speed supported by the SFP (optical or copper)/SFP+ modules, when inserted in SIRIUS port, automatically triggers configuration of the port speed to be its equivalent. Configuring 1Gbps link speed supports 10/100Mbps as well.




Dynamic capture channel configuration

Provide flexibility in captured network packet by port’s distribution, each port can be configured and captured separately or aggregated manner. Separate capture is useful when network traffic are routed from different location whereas aggregated capture is more practical in monitoring full-duplex links, assuring communication flows are well stored.



On-line and off-line packet indexing

Searching packets in PCAP files could take forever if no constructive methods are being practised. With packet indexing, SIRIUS creates each packet’s metadata with communication flows. With this metadata, packets can be searched from the indexes and later being extract from the pool of PCAP files, saving time instead of searching a needle in a haystack.



Packet matching alert feature

The identification of packet can be pre-configured via packet alert feature. The alert profile allows you to define via industry standard BPF-style filter syntax. As a result, all alerted packets will be locked (in the event of PCAP rotation) and notification will be sent.




Online system updates

SIRIUS is always being revised and keep all our features relevant in line with the advances of technology. As a result of constant updates and improvements, this feature conveniently allows you to check for available updates, and you can choose to update the system with given instructions.



PTP and PPS time synchronisation support

Operating in data center infrastructure requires precise time synchronisation, therefore SIRIUS capture system supports PTP for receiving time feed from the universal clock and time-stamp to each of the receiving packet.




Brand new operating system, more organised

SIRIUS is utilising the power of an upgraded Unix platform, bringing more stability and compatibility to its users. The overall administrative system becomes very user friendly, making a good choice for 3rd party software integration, as well as custom scripting.

Analysis Made Easy

Captures and stores packet data in industry standard PCAP and nanosecond PCAP format. This presents the opportunity to conveniently analyse the data with any network analysis tools and application available in the market today that supports PCAP format such as Wireshark.

Smart Hardware Filter Engine

Supports advance filter conditions to process and filter the network’s traffic. SIRIUS GUI provides an intuitive interface to configure up to 4 filter sets to the same traffic source. SIRIUS LCS has a lot of built-in predefined filters to allow quick and accurate creation of filters and also has a custom expression builder for more complex and custom requirements.

Full Packet Indexing and Search

Quickly search packets from capture session by IP, ports, protocols, and extract results into PCAP or CSV output.

New Logging System

The new logging system provides in-depth log and audit with search and categorization for actions performed with SIRIUS system.

Supports 1 / 10 / 40 /100 GbE Capture Interface

SwiftWing SIRIUS LCS has configuration of 4 ports 10/100/1000BASE-T RJ45, 1G SFP in singlemode and multimode on GbE models, 2 ports 10G SFP+ in singlemode and multimode for 10GbE models and single port 40GBASE-SR4 QSFP+ in 40GbE model.

Full line-rate Capture Performance

Capture at 100 Gbps full line-rate with no packet loss irrespective of packet size.* Captures dual channel of Gigabit traffic (4 Gbps) to disk. ** 2 SFP+ interface is available for 10 Gigabit model (10GBASE-SR, 10GBASE-LR, 10GBASE-ER).

Real-time Monitoring and Visual Statistics

View real-time packet capture statistics and traffic information via charts and graphs. Get RMON and Advanced RMON Layer 2 statistics, total packets counters on a port-by-port basis and export statistics to a CSV file for custom reporting and analysis.

Statistics in Microseconds

Microseconds statistics is provided for in-depth analysis of the network traffic and microburst. Microseconds statistics are stored up to 7 days and users can navigate through these data presented in visual graphs via SIRIUS Web GUI.

Direct Passive Tap

Deploy with network Taps to capture full-duplex traffic at line-rate or deployed with an aggregation switch to consolidate multiple links to a single capture file.

Mirror / Span Port

Traffic is tapped directly using a mirror / span port of a network switch, and send to SIRIUS for capture.

Aggregation Solution

Traffics are aggregated and send to SIRIUS for capture.

Data Sheet

Understand more on technical specification with SwiftWing SIRIUS products.


The Network Recorder

A Big Go Back In Time Buffer


Telecoms and ISPs

Constant monitoring and disruption detection for faster service recovery.


Data Centers Ops

Installed at the DMZ so that everything is being recorded.


Finance and Securities

Great answer in protecting bank’s reputation and suspicious transactions.


Success Story

A great practical usage and experience with SIRIUS.


Use Case 1

How does SwiftWing SIRIUS benefit carrier demands?


Use Case 2

Post processing of captured data and create specific reports.


Use Case 3

Permanent capture. File locking in case of event for evidence