SwiftWing Mediation Layer and Connectivity Products

Mediation Layer and Connectivity · Software Defined Network Switches

The mediation layer appliance is designed for more efficient control of today’s required tapped or SPAN-based data sources during capturing of network data. An All in One GUI represents a shortcut by simplifying the procedure in setting up individual recording tasks.

The enhanced features enable for e.g., serving a pre-filtered data stream for recording.


Detailed Real-time Reports

Each assigned physical ports and logical flows in a switch is shown graphically and between each ports can be connected by drag and drop. In addition, assign or removed of port can be done with just a few mouse clicks.

Advanced packet filter

The SwiftWing Mediation Appliance has packet filter function that removes unnecessary packets or only transfer specific packets. This support standard network protocols (EthernetFrame, VLAN, IPv4, ARP, TCP, UDP).

Intuitive Web GUI

Physical ports and logical flows in a switch is shown graphically and between each ports can be connected by drag and drop. The configuration setting allows a flexible setup upon request for various monitoring applications and appliances.

Highlighted features

  • Intuitive and user friendly Web GUI
  • Simple and sophisticated design
  • Support links aggregation
  • Advanced packet filter
  • Support standard protocols and range filter
  • Detail and real time reports
  • Reports by graphs and tables

Cost effective with enhanced Network Elasticity, go for SDN

Port statistics and status at your finger tips

The idea of having statistics for each port is for better network connection reporting. You may first screen through the real-time statistics given before inspecting further, avoid raising false alarm should there’s anomaly discovered through the port statistics.

Flexible port controls, manipulate through web application

Without remembering any commands, easily glance the overview switch connectivity and flow via Dashboard page. Advanced filters added even more convenience that prepares the solution ready for network monitoring.

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Network Packet Redirection

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Capture Solution Customization

We always prepare to hear from customer where specific requirement is needed.

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