Xena Networks

Brand Overview

Network Traffic Generation

Layer 2 to 7 Testing and Analytics

Xena develops easy-to-use and innovative Layer 2-7 Gigabit Ethernet Test Solutions that leverage the latest technology for GigaBit Ethernet traffic generation and analysis solutions from 10Mbps to latest 100Gbps connectivity – without breaking the budget.

  • Wire-speed Layer 2-3 traffic generation
  • Analysis for performance testing
  • Functional testing
  • Performance logging & monitoring
  • Test suites for RFC2544, Y.1564, RFC3918, and RFC2889 testing


ComWorth is official Distributor of Xena Network Test Equipment.

Xena Networks is based in Denmark, Europe

For more information about the company visit the Xena Networks website


Xena’s Layer 2-3 test platform is used to configure and generate Ethernet traffic with a high level of accuracy and granularity, and then analyze how network devices and services perform in response.

Xena’s Layer 2-3 test platform offers a choice of two chassis that can be equipped with an extensive range of of copper and optical Gigabit Ethernet test modules supporting all Ethernet speeds up to 100GE including the new 2.5GE, 5GE, 25GE and 50GE speeds.

The chassis and test modules are controlled via XenaManager-2G (XM-2G), a free Windows GUI client provided for ad-hoc test execution, and remote management of test equipment located in multiple locations. Also included are standalone applications for automated RFC 2544, Y.1564, RFC 2889 and RFC 3918 testing.

Finally, an open TCP/IP-based text API lets users automate testing from any software environment, using Tcl, Python, Perl, VBA and Java wrappers to convert to/from the generic Xena Command Line Interface (CLI) format.

Xena’s L2-3 test platform is used by hundreds of customers worldwide who value its range of features, ease-of-use, cost efficiency, interoperability, and scalability.

Xena Manager for Layer 2-3



Test Software XM-2G

The XenaManager-2G Test Software (XM-2G) is a Windows-based application for generating and analyzing Gig-E traffic managing every aspect of our Layer 2-3 Gigabit Ethernet test solutions from your desktop or laptop computer.

Layer 2-3 Test Chassis

Xena offers a wide range of test configurations for any type of Ethernet Test & Measurement.


Layer 2-3 (100/50/40/25/10/5/2.5/1GE)

  • 12 slot 4U chassis for Layer 2-3 testing
  • High port density – e.g. up to 144 x 10G, 24 x 40G or 6 x 100G
  • Free software incl. both management and test suites
  • Scalable modular design means flexible cost-efficiency


Layer 2-3 (100/50/40/25/10/5/2.5/1GE)

  • 1U chassis with 1 fixed test module for Layer 2-3 testing
  • Low cost – 14 different versions
  • Free software incl. both management and test suites
  • Easy to transport (robust flight-case available)
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